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A new era in B2B Credit Management.

The platform that automates Trade Accounts Receivables.

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What is Opypro?

Opypro is a B2B SaaS platform used by businesses with high volume business customers. It automates trade management processes such as onboarding and invoice reconciliation effortlessly, while minimising the risk of DSO and fraud in the process.

Why Us

Save hours on admin

Automated onboarding and invoice reconciliation reduces the time spent on manually processing paper-based applications.

Boost your revenue

Automated invoice reconciliation keeps you on top of payments, and trigger reminders mean you don’t need to chase overdue ones.

Deliver positive buyer experiences

Opypro’s advanced reporting features and buyer portal means you can have meaningful conversations with your buyers, and proactively help them manage their cashflow.

With Opypro+ you always get paid

Opypro+ provides buyers with a credit option, ensuring that your business is always paid in full the next business day.

Sample Customers

We’re powering business customer accounts for Australia’s biggest companies


With simple integrations in to the Opypro platform, you can be up and running in no time.

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